IMG_1450This week we feature beloved Churchill Supervisor, LaTarsha Scott. LaTarsha, from Queens, has been working for Butter Beans for about a year and a half. In addition to heading up school lunch at Churchill, she teaches Butter Beans cooking classes. LaTarsha has so perfected her cooking methods that parents of her students routinely tell her, “my kids won’t eat my food because they say it doesn’t taste like LaTarsha’s!”

For LaTarsha, it’s all a great way to stay involved in the school food community. Her favorite part of her job is being around kids. In addition to thriving off their energy, LaTarsha is concerned about how kids in America eat. She sees Butter Beans as part of a national trend towards healthier eating, combating the obesity epidemic she sees everyday in schools and in her community. Her main lessons to students teach them about balanced diets and portion control. Developing healthier habits early on in schools, according to LaTarsha, is essential for the future of our children.

Outside of Butter Beans, LaTarsha loves to read and watch movies. She someday hopes to teach her own wellness classes in her home community in Queens.