A poem, written by my daughter’s kindergarten class
for all the father’s,
for all the adults,
who love and care for children.


Whatif everyone was Sonic?
Whatif dogs could fly?
Whatif a rocket could break the moon?
Whatif a pound cake could talk?
Whatif regular house cats could beat up a cheetah?
Whatif a horse could fly all the way home?
Whatif houses could run?
Whatif houses had four feet?
Whatif seahorses lived in grass?
Whatif mice lived in hats?
Whatif a picture of a person reading a book could talk?
Whatif you always fell on the way to school?
Whatif trees could fly?
Whatif we could all run on water?
Whatif shoes could talk?
Whatif bananas were black?
Whatif people walked on their heads?
Whatif houses could jump on a train?
Whatif garbage could talk?
Whatif a beard could walk on legs?
Whatif a plate could talk?
Whatif teeth could walk?
Whatif giants were tiny?
Whatif people could fly?

So the children leave us with the question, why live “what is” when we can say, “Whatif?”

Luckily they show us how every day. What a gift!

Thank you Kori:)