It turns out CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a fatty acid and known anti-carcinogen is naturally occurring in cow’s milk. It also turns out, that CLA is only found in milk that comes from cows that eat grass. Seems like an easy enough win-win for milk drinkers, except most cows in the US don’t actually eat grass. They eat grain. Some of them are fed organic grain that give some of us a sense of relief – to see that organic label on a carton of milk. But organic or conventional – grain is simply not food for cows. It is good to see that research is catching up with common sense – if we eat what we were designed to eat (whole foods, not shiny packaged, processed food stuffs) and if the animal food we eat (meat, poultry, eggs, milk) comes from happy healthy animals, we end up living in pretty healthy bodies. Click here to read more.