SmzfvIXxSR0Qg4TtAO03kvdVz8rU4qrhqCWlwiEKn64 (1)We can help change the future of food in America by teaching our children how to grow, harvest and cook food, all while exploring the local food revolution happening right here in New York City!

Here’s what our camp parents have to say about the Butter Beans Food & Garden Camp experience:
  • “As someone who has signed up my twins for several different camps in Brooklyn and Manhattan, I can  say that Butter Beans is one of the most unique and impressive camps we have discovered. What makes Butter Beans so special is their emphasis on farm-to-table food education and experience. Each day at lunch my kids were exposed to different foods from various cultures and participated in harvesting and prepping them too. On the subway rides home, my kids would tell me about the rice and bean Costa Rican dish they made or the Greek Salad they ate.  Plus they went all over New York being introduced to everything from bee keepers and pollination to making green smoothies to creating essential oils. Since they’ve been at Butter Beans my kids are much more open to trying new fruits and vegetables. We are currently upstate on vacation and they both ate lots of lettuce from the garden nearby and a few tomatoes and zucchini. I was elated!” – Jennifer, camp 2014 parent
  • “It’s been really sweet seeing the change in her passion around cooking, savoring the taste of fresh herbs while we’re grocery shopping, and eating LOTS of salads.”

  • “My daughters thoroughly enjoyed the camp and we can’t wait to get the cookbook! They have already asked me to put several of the camp recipes in their lunchboxes this upcoming school year.” – Jessica, camp 2014 parent
  • “My daughter was raving about how we have to buy kale so that we could make kale chips together at home…camp has been awesome in terms of getting her to try new foods.” – VanTrang, camp parent
  • “My daughter had a wonderful time. The camp week was both educational and fun and the best part of it she tried foods that I thought she would never eat like the  rainbow rice and Thai coconut curry… Practically every day something showed up at home, a pumpkin,  a hand-made bird/bug catcher, different plants that she  waters every day, along with stories of her amazing days in the garden or cooking.” – Amy Hammer, Fall Harvest camp parent
  • “On the way out the door Friday after camp ended, Joshua asked if he could come back next year! Well done!” – Laura, camp 2017 parent
  • “Thank you for a wonderful week of cooking camp — I love that Colin and the kids tried new foods; Colin particularly loved the white bean dip, chard salad, pesto, beet salad, zucchini muffins and his ugly greens salad — all great foods!” – Kathleen, camp 2017 parent
  • “Julian had a blast and we love his new willingness to try new foods! Hopefully we will see you next summer!” – Jill, camp 2017 parent
  • “We are super grateful. It was a highlight for our kids summer and they are so proud of how many new foods they tried and it opened up new worlds for them! Thank you! Invaluable and unforgettable experience!” – Cristina, camp 2017 parent



And our campers are raving too!

  • “This was the most fun camp ever!”
  • “The food was amazing. I can’t believe we made it all!”