Discover the fun and flavor of farm-to-table cooking while forging fun new memories in the kitchen!


Throughout our classes, budding chefs ages 6-10 will:
  • Explore seasonal and local ingredients as we prepare tasty and nutritious dishes.
  • Learn skills in tasting and seasoning, various culinary techniques and vocabulary.
  • Discover global cuisines and gain an appreciation for foods from seed to table.
  • Children will have the chance to take home goodies from class designed to encourage them keep cooking at home.

Upcoming Classes

Ready for your unique culinary adventure? Check out our upcoming class offerings below and lets get cooking!

Classes are held at Asphalt Green Battery Park City Culinary Center, 212 North End Ave, New York, NY 10282.

Wednesdays, 4:15 – 6:15 PM

We welcome kids ages 6-10 to put on their chefs hats and join us!

$55 per class, 15% off for Asphalt Green Members.




Fall 2017 Cooking Class Series:

CarrotAppleSalad5October 4:  Lesson 1 Parts of the Plant

Garden to Table: Creating “Rainbow Recipes” with Seeds, Roots, Stems, & Fruits

On the Menu: Carrot-Apple-Celery Slaw, Apple Pie Spiced Popcorn, Apple Cider

Description: Knowing a fruit from a root isn’t just for green thumbs! This knowledge can also help chefs to plan and prepare nutritious meals all year round that pop with all the colors of the rainbow. Kids will move their bodies with a fun plant-based game before diving into a delicious snacktime activity that will have them preparing and eating every part of the plant. As with every class in this series, students will learn basic knife skills and kitchen safety, pick up grown-up dicing and grating skills, and learn to flex their food styling muscles by helping to plate each meal.


PizzaZucchiniBoats-2-600x900October 11: Lesson 2  Food Sustainability

Pizza That’s Good for the Planet: Making Our Favorite Foods with Seasonal, Local Ingredients

On the Menu: Zucchini Pizza Boats, Parts of the Plant Salad, Cheesy Bread, Horchata

Description: You can’t dial for this pizza, but you can deliver it yourself using sustainable ingredients! In this class, our kid chefs will learn how to transform late-summer seasonal ingredients like zucchini, tomato, basil and oregano into a tasty “pizza boat,” topped with cheese (c’mon, we couldn’t leave that out!). Along the way, they’ll learn why eating foods that are in season and close to home, in keeping with Italian cooking traditions, can help to build not just a healthy body, but a healthier planet.


moroccan-couscous-salad-5October 18: Lesson 3 Aromatics

Smells Good, Feels Good: Using Aromatics to Tickle Your Senses & Take Care of Your Body

On the Menu: Magic Moroccan Couscous, Mashed Acorn Squash, (Decaf) Moroccan Mint Tea

Description: The best food doesn’t just taste good–it smells good. Aromatics (“aroma” means “smell”) are a chef’s best friend when it comes to adding nose-tickling flavors–and extra nutrition–to food. From root-based aromatics (like onions and carrots) to healthy herbs and spices (like thyme and cumin), we’ll cover a wide range of splendiferous cooking smells in this class, combining them to make a fragrant Moroccan-inspired meal. We’ll also discuss why foods with strong smells also have the power to keep our bodies strong and germ-free.


October 25: Lesson 4 Food Styling

monster-sandwich_1_zgdqeqNot-So-Tricky Treats: Create Your Own Easy, Healthy Halloween Sweets

On the Menu: Mud Cups with Chocolate Wiggle Worms, Monster Face Sandwiches, Spooky Hot Chocolate with Ogre Eyes

Description: What’s a Halloween cooking class without fun food-themed games and silly snacks? Students will learn how to create funny “trick” treats to impress their friends. They’ll use fresh fruits to make a dish that looks suspiciously like mud, and create their own “food monsters” using seasonal veggies. To get warmed up for all that trick-or-treating (and possible vampire slaying), we’ll play a relay game to get our hearts pumping–and of course, save some time to do the Monster Mash!


Winter-Vegetable-Minestrone-Soup-1November 1: Lesson 5 Mindful Eating

Food Tastes Better When We’re Together: Making “Mindful” Minestrone Soup to Share

On the Menu: Minestrone Soup, Kale Chips, Veggie Crostinis, Creamy Pumpkin Chai

Description: How do Italian cooks take a handful of humble ingredients and elevate them, so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts? In this class, children will learn how to make this traditional soup the “slow food” way, treating each vegetable with care and layering flavors carefully to bring out the best in each ingredient.  In the same way, we’ll reflect on how important it is to pay attention to the experience of eating with loved ones, and engage in mindful eating exercises designed to heighten our appreciation of the food and company we enjoy at mealtime.


omelette-legumes-fromage-1092November 8: Lesson 6 Superfoods

Seasonal Superheroes: Exploring Fall Fruits & Veggies That Pack a Punch!

On the Menu: Warrior Winter Omelets, Fierce Fruit Salad, Superfood Smoothies

Description: The Ninja Turtles may get all of their energy from pizza, and Spiderman may power up with Aunt May’s cherry pie, but the rest of us have to rely on super fruits and veggies to fuel our adventures! In this class, we’ll learn about how plants use their own superpowers in real life–the power to turn the sun’s energy into food. We’ll determine which fruits and veggies pack the biggest punch per bite. Then, we’ll use our favorite local fall foods (chard, broccoli, apples and pears) to create a colorful meal fit for an aspiring kid superhero!


Quinoa-Stuffing-21November 15: Lesson 7  Food Preservation

Cooking Outside the Can: Cooking (and Preserving) Your Own Thanksgiving Treats

On the Menu: Thanksgiving Quinoa Stuffing, Cranberry Chutney, Berry Burst Seltzer

Description: While we love good ol’ canned cranberries and boxed stuffing, we think that even a kid can create Thanksgiving-worthy dishes from scratch–with a little help from our Butter Beans chefs! In this holiday class, children will have the chance to contribute something truly meaningful to the family meal: they’ll create a cranberry chutney with seasonal, local fall fruits, then pair it with a colorful, vegetarian quinoa stuffing. Of course, no one’s saying you have to ditch the jellied stuff from the store entirely, but there’s something to be said for creating new traditions that empower even the youngest chefs to contribute something they made “all by themselves”!


6416208835_e9b21d8e59_oNovember 29: Lesson 8  Seasonal Holidays

Tis the Season: Creating New Holiday Traditions With Seasonal Food

On the Menu: Gingerbread Faces, Kale & Pomegranate Salad, Mulled Apple Cider

Description: New Yorkers celebrate the holidays in many different ways, but the flavors and colors we enjoy during the winter growing season can bring us together as one. In this class, students will bake “gingerbread faces,” enjoying the timeless tastes and smells of warming spices like ginger and clove. They’ll learn to compose a colorful winter side salad, tossing bright red berries like cranberry and pomegranate with winter greens and citrus. Finally, they’ll raise a kid-friendly toast with a seasonal seltzer drink. Children will be encouraged to customize these dishes by adding their own food styling touches–perhaps inspiring new cooking traditions at home!


5_pesto-spaghetti-squashDecember 6: Lesson 9 Reducing Food Waste

Appreciating Nature’s Gifts: Using Culinary Creativity to Reduce Food Waste

On the Menu: Squashy Spaghetti with Saved Seeds, Rescued Carrot Top Pesto, Orange (Rind) Julius

Description: Having enough food to eat is a holiday “gift” we all too often take for granted, even though many people do not have enough to eat during this time of year. (Did you know that around one third of food is wasted in the United States? That means that out of three apples picked from a tree, one might end up in the garbage–uneaten!) We can show our gratitude this holiday season by learning how to “rescue” food: cooking with parts of the plant or veggie that normally get thrown away, like the seeds of a squash or the top of a carrot. Join us to learn how to turn these “gifts” into a delicious meal fit for a holiday feast (we hope you’ll remember to share!).

friedrice2December 13: Lesson 10 Rainbow of Foods

Eat the Rainbow: How People Around the World Create a Colorful Plate

On the Menu: Rainbow Fried Rice, Super Slaw, Rainbow Smoothie Bowls

Description: The world of food offers the opportunity to share an experience that is universal around the world, uniting and connecting communities, while also appreciating the rainbow of cultures and languages within our unique New York City community. In this class, children will come together to celebrate the creation of their own special Butter Beans community at Asphalt Green, and to try a variety of rainbow-themed dishes that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers in all of our classes. Along the way, we’ll discuss Asian cooking traditions (as we make a rainbow stir fry), European food preservation methods (as we assemble a rainbow “superfood slaw”), and the importance of respecting all cultures and backgrounds in the kitchen.