Why would I want to attend Butter Beans Summer Camp?

Do you love to have fun and make new friends? Do you love going on adventures? Do you love to play with your food? Are you curious about how things grow, how bees make honey, how chocolate makers make their magic, how to make your own ice-cream? Do you ever ask questions like: “How did they make this? Could I make this?” Do you like to experiment? Are you interested in gardening and cooking? If so, then YOU are a Butter Beans camper!

What kinds of activities will we be doing each day?

We will be going on lots of trips – so get ready for some urban adventures and beyond!  Our trips include going to rooftop farms, visiting chocolate, ice cream and cheese makers, visiting the kitchens of local restaurants and much more! Our activities include lots of cooking and inventing recipes, art projects, scavenger hunts and of course plenty of frisbee and park time to run and play games as we can only do in the summer!

Who will my counselors be?

Your camp counselors are energetic and enthusiastic, friendly folks who, like you, are excited about food, gardening, caring for and enjoying the world around us!  They will guide you with their knowledge of food and most of all make sure that you will have a FUN, safe, exciting summer! 

Where is camp being held?

Butter Beans camp will be held in the following locations in 2016:

Our camp headquarters are perfect for frequent trips to the farmers market, great parks, delicious restaurants, and transportation throughout the city!

Will we have time during the day to run around and/or relax?

Yes! Will always include time for both of those things during our daily activities.  There is a great park nearby where we will be able to play tag and other outdoor games, and depending on what our day holds we try to leave “down time” for reading, art projects, eating, relaxing, etc.

Do you or your parents have other questions? 

Reach out to us at camp@butterbeanskitchen.com

We look forward to spending the summer with you!

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