Hello good people.

Today I would like to ask if anyone has a great recommendation for a new camera? I need a good one that is easy to use, has great resolution and a nice sized screen that fits in any bag that I can use for this blog. I want to be able to take nice pictures of food and seeds and children, schools and working farms.

I am in the process of writing my Will. Do you have one? Through this decision-making process I consider how children feel about making big decisions. About taking risks. An adult client this morning told me that her mantra is to take more risks. Risk taking means different things to different people and can range from trying a new food, to wearing a new color, to speaking up in a group, or starting a new business.

Taking risks is agreeing to transition. Transition moments – the most alive of times, moments full of great potential.

Children are able to live in this way of continuous alive time. They don’t limit themselves the way we adults do, until we teach them about limitations. We have a lot of work to do now as a human family dealing with disaster and suffering. We need people filled with love and light and willing to try new things to create solutions to the issues of our time. We need our children. Isn’t that why we all get into this role of parenthood – to create something better for the future.

If you have any tips on cameras or thoughts on risk taking, send them along.