Perusing the rooftop grown veggies at Eagle Street Farm

Perusing the rooftop grown veggies at Eagle Street Farm

Each time we cook here at camp the food scraps from our meal are composted at the nearby Union Square Farmers Market. (That’s of course after campers explore ways of using typically unused food parts- like sautéing beet stems for a taco topping or shredding up leftover zucchini for sweet chocolate chip cookies).

We try to reduce food waste as much as possible but for any compostable food scraps that remain, there are some wriggly creatures that will eat it up. Campers met some composting worms at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn on Thursday, as well as a friendly flock of chickens. The next day at the farmers market, team members from the Lower East Side Ecology Center talked to Butter Beans campers about how NYC composting works at the greenmarkets, and got to hold some red wiggler worms. What a perfect way to end “worm week” here at camp!

While the rain kept us inside on Tuesday, it certainly did not dampen the fun. Campers spent a relaxing afternoon creating and enjoying the benefits of food-based facial masks, and a brown sugar hand scrub. The next day they spent a sunny afternoon in the park before enjoying some delicious samples of goat milk frozen yogurt at Victory Garden NYC.

enjoying homemade pizza during our family friday potluck!

Enjoying homemade pizza during our family friday potluck!

Both were well-earned treats given the amazing work these campers have put into the kitchen this week. From Sri Lankan coconut curry and roti, to hand-rolled sushi, to market fresh pizza – these little chefs have been busy bees!

Speaking of bees, next week we’re kicking off session 2 of Butter Beans Food & Garden Camp with a visit to the “Broadway Bees” at the Marriott Residence Inn at Central Park. Worm Week has come to a close, and Pollinator Week is about to begin!

Stay tuned for more campfire stories next week…