What livelier way to brighten up the kitchen than with song, dance, and art!

As campers explored the many meanings of “food creativity” this week, we were once again blown away by the knowledge of the diverse food experts we encounter each day at camp.

To kick off our exploration of food and art, Jay Mankita and his singing partner Moti visited Butter Beans to perform their “Eat Like a Rainbow” Concert. Campers sang along as we learned upbeat tunes and silly dances about nutritious eating and healthy living. Catchy songs like “Try New Foods” and “Junk Food Man” will no doubt be stuck in our heads for the next week. Thank you to Jay, Moti, and his family for taking the trip down to New York for this special Butter Beans concert!

milkkimchiAn important part of getting creative in the kitchen is using what’s on hand to reduce the amount of food waste we produce and create delicious, nutritious meals to fuel our bodies. This week we learned about different ways to preserve the flavors of the summer through pickling – both in a sweet and sour vinegar solution and through traditional kimchi-making. Founder of Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi Lauryn Chun paid Butter Beans camp a visit for the third consecutive year, conveying her family’s knowledge of kimchi to budding Butter Beans chefs. Campers were so inspired by Lauryn that they were already making plans to preserve cabbage in the fall with their new kimchi know-how!

On Thursday campers ventured to West Houston St for a special visit to Raffetto’s Pasta Shop with our new friend Sarah Raffetto. Sarah’s great-grandfather came over from Italy and opened this artisan pasta shop in 1906 – their family’s shop has been in the same location for over a century! Sarah even showed the kids how her family cuts fresh noodles (made with just 3 ingredients – eggs, water, and flour) on a machine that is 98 years old, and still seemingly in great working condition. The campers took a group vote on what kinds of pasta to take back to camp headquarters and the next day Sarah worked with campers to cook up a delicious lunch with freshly cut noodles and homemade sauce. Rosemary noodles, spinach tortellini, whole wheat pasta, caramelized onions and zucchini, drizzled with marinara and pink tomato sauces… Butter Beans campers were literally licking their plates clean at the end of lunch!


After such an exciting week, we winded down with our weekly Friday yoga and a Butter Beans Spa Day for some well-earned rejuvenation and relaxation. Campers made food-based face masks of banana and honey and rested their eyes with some cool cucumbers.

spa day

Wishing the entire Butter Beans community a refreshing and creativity-inspiring weekend!