Originally a day to celebrate George Washington, President’s day has evolved to commemorate the presidency, and those who have served our country in this way. Sometimes, when faced with a particularly busy day laden with what feels like great responsibility, I think about the President, and other leaders who have so much more responsibility. We are all individuals, made up of dreams and bones, part of families and communities, capable of great things. Many believe that food, really does change everything. What do the Presidents think about food? How has food their food influenced their leadership? How does your food, affect your leadership?  This site is dedicated to the food of the White House, past and present. It is an interesting trip through time. You’ll find recipes for cabbage pudding and ice cream (with real eggs) from the Jefferson’s time, corn bread and oysters from the Rutherford Haye’s administration, Gumbo and croquettes from Franklin D. Roosevelt, Strawberries Romanoff and clam chowder from the Kennedy’s. For a food timeline that includes President Barack Obama’s favorites, check out this site.