I want to thank Dr. Susan Rubin for sharing the below you tube clip on her blog. Dr. Rubin is one of the Two Angry Moms who has dedicated countless hours and energy to working for change in our public school cafeterias.

The topic at hand today, has to do with education in general. Times have changed, and are in fact changing so quickly these days. What worked for us even just last year, likely needs an update this year. It’s a natural law actually.

Consider your diet. The fruit juices and salads that make you feel amazing in the summer, would most likely make you feel cold and hungry in the winter. Our dietary needs and cravings change depending on the season, the amount of work and stress, or fun and sleep we are getting. What foods work for me may make you feel terrible – we all have a lot in common, but we also have bio-individual needs. It is true for food. It is also true for education. Some of us work best independently, others require the collaboration of a group to thrive. Some of us need absolute silence to think clearly, others need music to put creative new pieces together.

Shouldn’t this all be taken into account when considering our children’s education?

Check out this YouTube presentation. It’s great food for thought, and the presentation – fantastic.