Many of you may have already read the recent New York Times article entitled “My Sons, the Sous Chefs” but for those of you who haven’t, you should definitely check it out.  One mother explains her story about getting her kids excited to cook for her. She offered a trade, instead of she and her husband cooking and the kids cleaning up and doing the dishes, once a week, each of her boys (aged 10 and 14) cook and serve dinner, and leave the clean up to the parents.

If your children are of the age where they can prepare a meal without a lot of supervision (her children were 10 + 14, and had many hours of experience in the kitchen), try challenging them to cook you a meal. Not only does this ignite their creativity in the kitchen, it allows you to sit back and relax (while still keeping an eye on them), and be presented with a delicious homemade meal, made with love by your children.

A pre-requisite though, is time in the kitchen with you of course, so that the lay of the land is clear – how to hold and use a knife while protecting valuable fingers, how to use the stove, the importance of not leaving cooking things unattended, and a few basic how to’s are helpful. Love the idea but need some support? Consider signing your kids up for our Butter Beans Food & Garden summer camp, where the lays of the land of cooking and all it entails will be delightfully and dutifully explored.

What are some of your favorite memories or experiences of cooking with your children?

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