In our cafeterias today, our food service teams spread the Valentine’s Day love with a homemade pink lemonade…Butter Beans style!   But first, how does lemonade even become pink?  Do pink lemons exist?

If we trace back the roots of pink lemonade history, there are claims that this beverage was invented at two different circuses:  In 1857, when a concession stand ran out of water, its salesman, Pete Conklin, found a vat of pink water that apparently one of the show’s stars used to wash her pink tights in.  He used this water and sold it as, “fine strawberry lemonade.”  Another claim was in 1912, when  circus promoter, Henry Alliott, accidentally dropped his red cinnamon candies in the vat of lemonade he was making.  Although, both their sales sky-rocketed, it is doubtful that it tasted very refreshing!

Today, pink lemonade  is commonly made with raspberries, crushed strawberries or often colored with red dye. It turns out, pink lemons actually do exist and  they are called “Eureka lemons.”  They have a unique pink flesh and variegated with green stripes on its rind.  download-2

At Butter Beans, we strive to make our refreshments natural, seasonal and healthy.  Instead of using artificial ingredients and because it is still winter, we used seasonal cranberries to create the pink hue.  Try out our Homemade Sweet Pink Lemonade recipe at home for a “Sip-ly Sweet” and refreshing treat!

  • 2 cups agave nectar or honey
  • 2 cups lemon juice
  • Splash of *cranberry  juice to make it pink in color
  • Stir until agave or honey is dissolved
  • Top pitcher with water
  • chill

*Look for a cranberry juice that is 100% cranberry juice – no high fructose corn syrup or sugar added

At Butter Beans, “We go together like “cranberries and lemonade!”