Nestled in the heart of Park Slope sits a gelateria where food, flavor, and artistry come together to create a community outpost that embodies the slow food movement. L’Albero Dei Gelati is the flagship international storefront of this Milan-based artisanal gelateria, and has been carefully curated by founder Monia, her husband Alessandro, and their partner Mauro. 

In Italian, l’albero dei gelati means the tree of gelato. It is a testament to the integral role that nature and a respect for the earth play in the creation of L’Albero’s unique culinary offerings. The colors and textures that adorn the plates and bowls of diners visiting the shop shift in sync with the seasons and the changing availability of fresh produce. This summer their inventive menu has included gelatos and sorbets ranging in flavor from blackberry and melon, to strawberry-rose and arugula!

IMG_2554We had the delight of taking our campers to create handmade strawberry sorbet with Monia twice this summer and lets just say since that time, our staff have been back on more than one occasion to do some very important taste-testing work on any flavors they’ve yet to try…

We felt it only fitting to commemorate a memorable summer for the Butter Beans Wellness team with a gelato celebration, L’Albero-style.

Gathered around the shop’s lush herb garden table, our team shared happy stories of the summer while savoring the flavors of local cheeses, fresh bread, and of course, gelato!

We are so grateful to our new friends at L’Albero Dei Gelati, and for all the families and teachers that contributed to the magic of this summer.

Grazie mille!!



Learn more about the story of L’Albero in this great read by our friends at Edible Brooklyn.

Written by Kelly McGlinchey, Director of Food Education