Summer beans come in great hues. We picked up these purple and green beans at a Green market last week to see how different they tasted. We flash boiled them first, and quickly learned that purple beans don’t stay purple for long! They turned green rather quickly – though if you looked closely, they weren’t quite as saturated a green as the beans that started out green. We then sauteed them in a pan with garlic and olive oil, topped them with salt and served them up to a few friends who dropped in for the experiment.

The results: success! I thought the purple beans were slightly more bitter than the green ones, but the 4 children participants did not agree. It might be that purple is a favorite color amongst this particular crowd. There was some disappointment that the purple beans did not stay purple, though this led to talk of special purple bean powers… how lovely the delights of childhood summer days.

*Are there ways to keep purple beans purple? This site offers some insight and shares that if you add baking soda to the cooking water, they can retain their color.