3384297473_7a5f8e7933This school year has been a green one for us!

We have been collaborating with some of our schools to help grow their sustainability initiatives.

We have helped set up a composting program at one of our schools, and we are in the process of supporting two of our schools in their quest to to create vegetable gardens in a greenhouse and raised beds, along with connecting the garden to their curriculum.

From a food service perspective, how fun would it be for those locally grown, student cared for vegetables/herbs to be included in our lunch service? “A little fresh basil on your pasta, or thyme on your beef stew?”

Not only are we supporting our schools’ sustainability initiatives, we are also making headway of our own:

  • composting all of our food scraps in our commissary kitchen
  • working with schools to ensure that they have dishwashing capabilities so that all kitchen equipment and small wares can be reusable
  • providing schools with compostable small wares if dishwashing is not available
  • sourcing our meat, produce, and dairy products as local as possible
  • educating our school lunch students, cooking class chefs, and summer campers all about the journey of food from seed to plate

And much more to come!

Photo courtesy of epSos.de