Thanksgiving Quinoa Stuffing with Cranberry Chutney
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This week in our cooking classes are celebrating Thanksgiving by making a Thanksgiving Quinoa Stuffing with Cranberry Chutney! Chutney is a term originating in Indian cuisine that usually refers to a condiment made of fruits or vegetables with vinegar, spices and sugar. Our cranberry chutney is particularly special because cranberries are one of only three fruits cultivated in North America that are native to the region.

In making chutney, we are focusing on food preservation, and sugar is one of the ways to preserve foods. Instead of sugar, our chutney uses homemade orange juice and an optional splash of honey.

What are your family’s Thanksgiving traditions?
What are you thankful for?

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From all of us here at Butter Beans, we wish you a warm beginning to the holiday season!



1 cup quinoa, uncooked
2 cups water
3 pears
4 stalks celery
1 small bunch kale, or other seasonal green
½ red onion, or 1 very small red onion
½ c fresh cranberries
½ c. pepitas
¼ c apple cider vinegar
6 T olive oil
2 T honey, opt.
salt + pepper, to taste

1 c fresh cranberries
2 apples, peeled and chopped
2 oranges, juiced (1 cup orange juice)
1 t cinnamon
1 t ginger
2 T honey, opt.



  1. Start with the chutney! Add all ingredients to saucepan and bring to a simmer. Allow to cook/reduce while you make the stuffing
  2. Cook quinoa according to the package. Remove from heat and allow to cool
  3. Begin the quinoa stuffing!
      • Heat 1 T olive oil over medium heat in a small pan or pot.
      • Cut cranberries in quarters. Add the cranberries and diced onions to pan and cook for 5-7 minutes until both are slightly caramelized.
      • Chop pears into ½ inch pieces. Add to bowl of quinoa. Repeat with celery.
      • Tear leaves of kale from stem and rip into small pieces. Massage until kale breaks down slightly and is brighter in color.
      • Add pepitas, red onion, and cranberry mixture to quinoa bowl. Mix well.
  4. Prepare the dressing for your stuffing
      • Measure out one part of the vinaigrette (e.g. 1 T apple cider vinegar, or pinch of salt)
      • Whisk together or shake in quart container. Dress the salad.
  5. Remove chutney from heat.
  6. Enjoy!