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This our cooking classes are making a classic breakfast dish with a creative twist! Our omelets incorporate potatoesswiss chard, and broccoli, and our fruit salad is made using seasonal fruits, including pears and apples.The dark green vegetables (chard and broccoli) pack in lots of iron, which is an important part of hemoglobin, carrying oxygen in the blood. Apples and pears pack many vitamins, including Vitamin C, key for our bones, blood vessels, and skin! All of these wonderful fruits and veggies are also important sources of fiber.

Following along with our recipes and want to join in on the fun? Butter Beans is delighted to announce a special holiday cooking series at Asphalt Green, celebrating healthy, seasonal cooking as a key component of an active lifestyle! Read on below for more information or register on our website today!
Winter Omelets with Fruit Salad
8 eggs
½ c milk
4 small potatoes
3 c swiss chard
1 head broccoli
½ c – 1 c mild cheddar shredded cheese
salt and pepper to taste
2 pears
2 apples
1 grapefruit
1 orange
1 limes, juiced
1-2 t honey


  1. Start with the omelet
    • Wash potatoes and slice them as thinly as possible
      • slice instead of chop so the pieces cook faster.
    • Heat a skillet over medium heat with olive oil and add potatoes to start cooking
    • Move on to the rest of the vegetables.
      • Cut the broccoli into florets and add to pan
      • remove chard from stem and rip into small pieces. Add to pan
  2. Prepare eggs
    • Break eggs into a large bowl
      • Whisking the eggs until gently mixes together
      • Measure out and add milk, cheese and salt and pepper.
  3. Pour the eggs into the pan
    • Cook until the eggs set
    • Flip the eggs but sliding them onto a plate and turning it back over into pan
      • If difficult, cut omelet in half and use a spatula to flip one half at a time.
  4. Prepare fruit salad
    • Distribute and cut into pieces
    • Add to large bowl
    • Pass out limes to juice into bowl
    • Drizzle salad with honey and mix
  5. Enjoy!

Special December Cooking Series
Butter Beans is delighted to announce a special holiday cooking series at Asphalt Green, celebrating healthy, seasonal cooking as a key component of an active lifestyle! 

Sign up in the next 24 hours for a special
Cyber Monday Bonus!

Anyone who registers for an Asphalt Green class or package from 1pm today to 1pm tomorrow, Tuesday, November 29th will receive a gift certificate for $100 dollars off our 2017 Food + Garden Summer Camp.

Get your holiday errands done while your fledgling foodie learns about seasonality, international cuisines, beneficial nutrients, as well as kitchen skills, food tasting and seasoning, various culinary techniques, and culinary vocabulary!

Asphalt Green December Cooking Series
Saturdays, December 3rd, 10th, & 17th, 10:00am-12pm
Asphalt Green Battery Park City, 2nd Floor Kitchen, 212 North End Ave, New York, NY 10282
Age range 5-9 years old
$55 per class, per student, or $160 for all 3 classes
december series
Participants will:
– Learn how to create wholesome, balanced recipes that emphasize fresh, real ingredients and incorporate a wide variety of tastes and textures.
– Explore the critical connections between healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle, as they uncover new and exciting ways to fuel their day with delicious ingredients!
– Practice gratitude, mindfulness, and teamwork as essential components of a shared meal.
– Discover the confidence and fun of being “food explorers” as they learn about farm-to-table
cooking and healthy eating in a supportive environment.