Butter Beans cooking classes teach students how to make seasonal, international, nutritious recipes, while forging fun new memories in the kitchen!

Students will learn about seasonality, international cuisines, beneficial nutrients, and mindfulness.

As students move through the course they will also learn vital kitchen knife skills, food tasting and seasoning, various culinary techniques, and culinary vocabulary.

From seed to table, children gain an appreciation for food in a convivial setting, while discovering different cultures and building important cooking skills, all while having fun with their friends!

To set up a class at your school, email: classes@butterbeanskitchen.com

Here’s what cooking class parents had to say about their child’s experience:

“My daughter is a very picky eater but your class has really opened her eyes to how tasty a variety of food can be. She is so proud to share what she has prepared with the family when she gets home and is eager to explain what she did. We would put your recipes into our dinner rotation immediately!!” – Mary, a parent of a Butter Beans chef 

“As soon as the teppanyaki chef started dicing veggies, cooking, and sautéing, my child went into cooking class mode – identifying vegetables/oils/aromatics… asking the chef some 5-year old questions… Because he saw the cooking process and understood it, he felt so empowered that that he ate everything – the fried rice, the minced vegetables, the diced chicken. He ate better than the older kids at the table.” – Malini, Parent of a Cooking Class Student on a visit to a Japanese restaurant with her family