I am a parent at a school and would like for my child’s school to offer Butter Beans. What can I do? We would be delighted to speak with you about the best process for introducing Butter Beans to your school. As every school has a unique culture and are in different phases of school lunch, the process may not be the same for everyone. Please give us a call at 718-499-0010 or send us an email at info@butterbeanskitchen.com and we will guide you through the process.

How many schools do you currently work with? We are currently working in 15 schools and 1 corporate cafeteria.

How many after-school cooking classes do you teach? We teach various classes per week in after school programs around Brooklyn and Manhattan to students ages 4-12. Classes have between 5 and 12 students and run for an hour or an hour and a half depending on the school’s schedule. If you are interested in signing up for a cooking class please contact classes@butterbeanskitchen.com

What programming do you offer over the summer? During the summer we offer a Food + Garden Summer Camp. Camp covers the gamut of the food cycle from sprouting seeds and harvesting fresh food from rooftop gardens, to writing our very own cookbooks. Along the way we’ll explore farmer’s markets, create our own savory pickles and sweet jams, and make delicious ice cream from scratch! We will also take trips to master chocolate and ice-cream makers, tour underground cheese caves, learn expert kitchen skills from local chefs, play frisbee in the park, and go berry picking at summer’s peak! For more information click here.

What is on your menu? Our menu offers a plethora of options to satisfy growing children. Our meals are full of whole grains, legumes, veggies, healthy fats, fresh fruit and naturally raised meat and poultry. Click here for our sample menu, and here to learn more about our sourcing.

How many staff members are on your team? We have approximately 85 staff including food service, kitchen, transportation and management staff.

What are the qualifications of your team? Do your servers receive special training? Our team holds varied backgrounds both from an educational and cultural standpoint. The qualities we look for in our team are a passion for healthy eating, the ability to provide a nurturing environment for the children in our school communities, and the skills to provide excellent customer service. Our food service staff receive trainings on how to provide great service as well as guidance on understanding food allergies, sensitivities, strategies for children to try different foods, and working with picky eaters.

Why is Butter Beans the right choice for my child? Butter Beans provides a nutritious variety of hot and cold food options each day that allow each child, sometimes with prompting from our staff, to create their own balanced plate. Our food service staff are trained to work with your child to ensure they feel comfortable trying new foods, and feeling accommodated at lunch. The exposure to new foods, or even some common ones that they are hesitant to try, goes a long way in helping a child gradually become a more adventurous eater.

Do you offer options for children who might be allergic or sensitive to gluten/dairy/egg/soy/sesame? Yes, we pride ourselves in accommodating to all different types of food allergies or sensitivities. At the start of the school year, we receive the allergen list from the school nurse, and share the information with our food service staff. Our staff gets introduced to the children who have allergies, and they work with them to accommodate to their needs through out the school year. Furthermore, we plan our menu to accommodate the most common food allergies, and label our menu with allergen information. If you have further questions about food allergies please contact Flora, our Director of Community and Nutrition.

What is your late fee policy? All bills thirty days overdue are subject to a $5 late fee.

What is your policy on unanticipated school closures? If your child’s school has been closed for weather related events, it is written in our agreement with your school that we do not credit lunch fees for days when schools are unexpectedly closed. The primary reason for this policy is that we still incur costs associated with having our lunch program available and our pricing considers the number of days school is open. If we were to change our policy and offer credits for closures we cannot anticipate due to weather or other emergencies, we would have to raise our prices for the rest of the days to cover our related expenses for these days. We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

Do you serve lunch to public schools? Butter Beans current school customers are independent schools and charter schools in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. These schools have autonomy over choosing their lunch provider. At this time, all NYC public schools are served by the Department of Education’s School Food organization. If your child attends a public school and you wish to discuss the possibility of having Butter Beans at your school, please contact us and we can make suggestions about how to start this conversation in your community.