We take food seriously, and believe that our students and school staff should not only consume healthy food, but also responsibly raised food. That is why we set standards for the food that we buy.

  • All of our food is fresh, never frozen
  • Our Applegate Hot Dogs are nitrate/nitrite/hormone/antibiotic free
  • Our Boar’s Head All Natural cold cuts are nitrate/nitrite/hormone/antibiotic free
  • Our locally sourced milk from Hudson Valley Fresh Milk comes from grass fed cows
  • Our Harvestland chicken is hormone and antibiotic free, and our other meat proteins are antibiotic and hormone free whenever possible
  • We source locally whenever possible, especially our New York State Apples
  • When we use milk in dishes (like mac and cheese, or alfredo) we use Hudson Valley Fresh Milk which is local, and from grass fed cows
  • We provide a variety of fresh fruit each week including local apples and pears, along with oranges, grapes, melon, bananas 
  • Whole grains are an integral part of our menu, as we only offer whole wheat bread, pita, wraps, buns, brown rice and quinoa
  • We never use ingredients like: high fructose corn syrup, MSG, artificial colors, artificial flavors, trans fats, or margarines 
  • Our yogurt is plain and to sweeten it we use honey, not sugar, and we blend in fruit for our flavoring
  • Our granola is homemade
  • Our soups are all homemade, and we make the broth from scratch, so there is no added sodium other than for taste
  • All of our food is made from scratch in our commissary kitchen by our experienced, passionate and dedicated culinary team