Butter Beans offers healthy, nourishing school lunches for students and their communities. Our unique commissary model provides school with limited kitchen facilities with a full service meal program. Led by our Executive Chef, our kitchen team crafts meals that are made from scratch with specific attention to high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. 

In addition, Butter Beans provides an on-site custom solution for those schools that maintain full kitchens. Our on-site kitchen model offers a fully customized solution with a menu tailored to the specific objectives of the school community and incorporates 100% of food preparation and production at the school.

Our student-driven menu has been built in partnership with our school communities over the past decade to satisfy growing children, from the most picky to the most adventurous and everyone in between. Our meals are full of whole grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, well sourced meats, nitrite and nitrate free cold cuts, and local dairy.

We pride ourselves in customizing a package that best suits your community, to help foster a nutritious dining experience for all.