Sunday prep list for the week

  1. (For Monday) Cut up squash if you did not purchase already cut up, steam or roast, and puree.
  2. Dice onion for risotto.
  3. (For Monday) Make black bean salad (see recipe).
  4. (For Tuesday) Make Mediterranean Three Bean Salad (see recipe).
  5. (For Tuesday) – Make bulgar with cranberries (see recipe).
  6. (For Wednesday) – Cook 1 pound of ground turkey or beef and mix in taco spice pack. Cool and refrigerate to reheat on Wednesday night.
  7. (For Wednesday) – Make the pico de gallo – Dice 2 cups ripened tomatoes, ½ cup of yellow onion, ¼ cup (or a little less to taste) of pablano pepper. Season with lime juice and salt. Chop cilantro to add on Tuesday. Store cilantro in a covered container lined with a slightly damp paper towel.