IMG_6451Butter Beans aims to improve the health and wellness of our communities by serving nutritious school meals and directing food education programs.

We support the pillars of sustainability by engaging in the following initiatives:

  • Composting our food scraps in our commissary kitchen

  • Working with schools to ensure that they have dishwashing capabilities so that all small wares can be reusable

  • Providing schools with compostable small wares if dishwashing is not available

  • Supporting local food economies by sourcing our meat, produce, and dairy products as local as possible

  • Supporting the Meatless Monday campaign

  • Educating our school lunch students, cooking class chefs, and summer campers about the journey of food from seed to plate, and the importance of supporting local farms

  • Supporting our schools’ sustainability and greening initiatives

  • Working in collaboration with other city-wide sustainability programs