“I’m so excited about not having to prepare any lunches anymore. You guys rock!” – a Butter Beans parent

“I love cooking class! I love grating and chopping and mixing. I love tasting all the ingredients and learning where they come from and making things for my family at home.” – a Butter Beans cooking class student

“The Butter Beans program at our school has been a huge benefit for me. I would say it kept me from getting sick. I get to socialize a bit with my students and colleagues all while eating tons of fresh and delicious vegetables prepared with my well-being in mind. It’s a gift really, a demonstration of how the school wants us to have healthy, contented lives.”
- a Butter Beans teacher 

“Everyone greets me with a smile, so I definitely feel welcomed in the school. It feels good when I hand out samples and receive feedback from the kids, good or bad. They’re being exposed to new and different foods and it’s satisfying to be apart of that.”  – a Butter Beans Food Service Supervisor